Getting in on the Ground Floor of Vision Pro Technology

The Art Authority Museum is a groundbreaking immersive app for Apple Vision Pro, which lets art lovers experience the world’s greatest art regardless of where they are in the world, while also helping our museum (and artist) partners reach out to those art lovers in ways they never have been able to before.

The Museum had its Pre-Opening the day Vision Pro premiered, with a Grand Opening planned for May at the AAM/MSA show in Baltimore.

Why the Art Authority Museum?

  • Our mission at 1000Museums/Art Authority is to help museums thrive. We see Apple Vision Pro technology becoming a key part of that mission.
  • We’re learning about and pioneering the technology through the Art Authority Museum app.
  • The app will:
      • Highlight our museum partners
      • Show what can be done with the technology
      • Provide partners with an incremental, low-cost path for exploring that technology

General opportunities

  • Easy way to explore major future technology without major costs.
  • A device and technology you have to experience to understand.
  • Be ready to deploy quickly if desired.
  • Be at the forefront of the technology. Don’t just adopt it, but help guide it.
  • Longer term education and sales (e-commerce) opportunities.

Immediate opportunity: American Alliance of Museums / Museum Store Association (AAM/MSA) meetings, May 15-19

  • “Grand Opening” of the Art Authority Museum.
  • Booths at both shows, highlighting the app, technology, and our museum/artist partners.
  • Come by for a demo.
  • Be an Art Authority Museum Charter Partner
      • Show off the technology to your colleagues
      • Meet other Charter Partners (artists and museums)
  • Participate in VIP events.


  • “Sign up for an Art Authority Museum discussion and demo
  • We can prototype a gallery for you within the Museum, for your approval
      • Or you can create it with our help
  • “Be featured at the MSA/AAM show
      • Even if your gallery is not ready, we can include you to the extent you’d like
  • After the show, we can help you explore the design and creation of your own Vision Pro app
      • As well as with exploration of other uses of Vision Pro technology within your organization