Art Authority Museum Grand Opening set for May 17.
A milestone in company’s mission to “make all the world’s art accessible to all the world"

May 17, 2024

Art Authority LLC, developer of the award-winning line of art apps and 1000Museums brand of fine-art reproductions, is proud to announce the grand opening of the Art Authority Museum, a major new piece in its ongoing mission. The grand opening will be highlighted at the annual American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Expo in Baltimore.

The Art Authority Museum, an immersive app for Apple Vision Pro, fulfills two principal goals: it pioneers a major new type of art museum built on technology rather than brick and mortar, and it helps traditional art museums and artists explore and integrate that technology into their future plans.

Unbounded by physical constraints, the Art Authority Museum will be open 24/7 crowd free, have its entire collection of thousands of classic works of art on display all at the same time, and enable patrons to explore those works in ways that go beyond the traditional museum viewing experience.

“By pushing the technology envelope with our new Museum we hope to provide an art experience which is both familiar and transcendent,” said Alan Oppenheimer, Art Authority Museum Founding Director and a partner in Art Authority LLC. “Not just for art lovers around the world, but for thousands of museum and artist partners too. They are the creators and care keepers of the fundamental pieces of our world."

Upon donning the Vision Pro and entering the Museum, the user is immersed in the Museum’s lobby among the western world’s historically most important works of art, from Renaissance through modern times. From there they can take a guided tour or just “wander” into similar rooms devoted to major artistic periods and individual artists.

The app and access to the Museum’s lobby and period rooms is free to all Vision Pro users, as is a seven-day trial membership which grants access to the full Museum and all its groundbreaking features.  Monthly and yearly memberships will be available at half price though the month of May, at $5 and $50 respectively ($10 and $100 starting June 1).

Art Authority has been working with partner museums and artists to provide them with free gallery space in the Art Authority Museum as an easy way to get started with the technology, along with “Meet the Creators” spots in the Art Authority Museum booth at the AAM show. Current “charter partners” who will have galleries as part of the grand opening include major 20th century color field painter Alma Thomas, pioneering sculptor Louise Nevelson, Baltimore artist Herman Maril, renown photographer Frank Stewart and current-day abstract artist James Little. The San Diego Museum of Art and the Balboa Park Online Collaborative have also announced support.

"I'm excited by how this platform has the potential to opens doors to diverse cultures and art. We will be able to immerse ourselves in global creativity, breaking down barriers of geography and cost,” said Chacho Herman, Director of Earned Income at the San Diego Museum of Art. "This isn't just about consuming art; it's about forging connections, gaining empathy, and expanding our understanding of the world. It's an exciting journey, one that helps support the cultural mission of SDMA: to inspire, educate, and cultivate curiosity through great works of art. I look forward to seeing where it leads."

“As heirs to the Alma Thomas estate, we are so excited to be included as a charter partner in the Art Authority Museum,” said Charyl Hart, Estate Manager. “The combination of Apple Vision Pro technology, Alma Thomas artwork and Art Authority’s groundbreaking museum creates an experience unlike anything we’ve seen before.”

“I am pleased to be a participant in this pioneering effort by Art Authority to provide 24/7 coverage around the world of museum quality artwork and exhibitions. Paintings by my father, the late artist Herman Maril (1908-86), will become instantly accessible in the context of the wall-space of a museum exhibition gallery,” said Herman’s son David, president of the Herman Maril Foundation. "Through Apple Vision Pro, tradition and technology will combine to enable museums to expand their immediate reach with unlimited exhibition space and a limitless International audience.”

“Many important artworks by my grandmother Louise Nevelson are in museums and not on view for lack of exhibition space, now the Art Authority Museum can exhibit these masterpieces for all of us to enjoy,” said Louise's granddaughter Maria, Founder of the Louise Nevelson Foundation.

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