BRS5621 Nevelson Maine Meadows, Old County Road 80.35.20 Lpr

Maine Meadows, Old Country Road

BY: LOUISE NEVELSON - Farnsworth Art Museum

Date: c. 1932–1933
Original Medium: Oil on multi-layered composite board
Original Size: 29 1/2 x 35 1/2 in.

This scene of a country road running just inland from the coast in Rockland, Maine is filled with exuberance and energy of youth, and suggests Nevelson's growing confidence as an artist. She filled the narrow band of blue sky with colorful stars, later saying the star “could be a crown, five points, I’ve always felt like a star”. It was probably painted just before Nevelson left for Munich to study with the influential painter-teacher Hans Hofmann.