Opening Press Release

Introducing the Art Authority Museum
A new type of art museum for a new world

February 2, 2024

Art Authority LLC, creator of the award-winning line of apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and owner of the 1000Museums brand of fine-art reproductions, is proud to announce the opening of the Art Authority Museum, a crowning moment in its mission to “make all the world’s art accessible to all the world.” Under construction for months as an Apple Vision Pro app, the museum’s initial availability coincides with that of Apple’s new industry-establishing device. Open 24/7, the Museum is currently offering free pre-opening tours of its groundbreaking lobby, where users can experience dozens of the world's most historically important artworks. From wherever in the world they may be.

To take the tour, Vision Pro users go to the Vision Pro App Store, download and run the free Art Authority Museum app. The app transports them to the fully immersive Museum lobby and begins a chronological tour, starting with the early Renaissance and including such defining works as da Vinci’s “Last Supper” and “Mona Lisa,” Michelangelo’s “Birth of Adam,” van Gogh’s “Starry Night," Munch’s “The Scream,” Wood’s “American Gothic” and many others. Users can pause the tour through a simple tap of their fingers, and linger in front of the paintings for as long as they like. With no crowds.

“Art Authority has been bringing art to all the world since its day-one iPhone app in 2008. We view the Art Authority Museum as the pinnacle of our mission,” said Alan Oppenheimer, Founding Director of the Museum, and an Art Authority co-founder.

The full Art Authority Museum remains under construction, with a grand opening planned for Spring. When fully opened, patrons will be able to experience the Museum's collection of tens of thousands of works by hundreds of the world’s major artists throughout history. Entrance into the Lobby and select galleries will always be free, with memberships providing full access. Members will also be able to take advantage of a number of transcendent features unavailable in any classic art museum, such as the ability to create their own galleries. Details of the Museum and updates on the opening are available on the Museum’s website at

Art Authority, through its 1000Museums brand, helps the world’s art museums thrive through sales of print reproductions and other products, and has begun working with those museums to bring the benefits of Vision Pro and the Art Authority Museum to their patrons. Nik Honeysett, CEO of Balboa Park Online Collaborative, expressed their enthusiasm by saying "BPOC is honored and excited to partner with Art Authority to forge a new path in the virtual museum territory. The true promise of VR for museums is now possible with the Apple Vision Pro and Art Authority’s leadership to create a rich and compelling museum experience and a business model to support it.”

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