About the Museum

Museum History

A very short history of the Art Authority Museum: Pre-opening tours began February 2, 2024, the first day Apple Vision Pro was available. Grand Opening May 17, 2024.

A short history of the Art Authority Museum: In July of 2008, the company that pre-dated Art Authority shipped a day-one iPhone app named "iEnvision." The app displayed classic artwork full-screen. It was followed, in April of 2010, with a day-one iPad app named "Art Authority." Real art authorities started to find us, and the app become the company, Art Authority LLC, in February of 2016. On February 2, 2024 the trend continued with the day-one opening of the Art Authority Museum on Apple Vision Pro.

A not-so short history of the Art Authority Museum: On January 24, 1984 Apple Computer introduced the Macintosh. Alan Oppenheimer, the Museum's Founding Director, was part of the team that worked on that original Mac. The company he founded in 1995 would, in 2004, ship a Macintosh app called "Envision" which displayed classic artwork full-screen. iEnvision, Art Authority for iPad, Art Authority LLC and the Art Authority Museum would follow.

Museum Organization

The Art Authority Museum is owned and operated by Art Authority LLC, whose mission is to bring all the world's art to all the world. A key goal in that mission is to help art museums, the caretakers of much of the world's art, to thrive.

Our 1000Museums brand, along with our sister company Museum Store Products, work with museums to provide revenue sources through product sales and licensing. 1000Museums also provides technology consulting services, for instance on museums' online stores.

Museum Staff

Alan Oppenheimer, Founding Director (and engineering manager)
Dave Hendrix, Principal Architect (senior engineer)
Josh Hoyle, designer (engineer)
Eric Turner, designer (engineer)
Matt Waggle, room design (3-D graphics)
Jeff Baxter, graphics
Paul Collins, senior consultant

Job opportunities and internships
Art Authority has sponsored a summer intern program for over a decade
Other job opportunities are here